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    Path to the folder in wich I will publish the website. This folder content will be deleted.

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    About the publication.

    When you click on the File menu and then "Publish", I will generate an optimized version of your site, without the data needed by Silex to edit the file. I need a location to put this ready to go version of your site. Use the text input bellow to set the path you want me to use.

    Hosting your website.

    If you want to make your site available online, publish to a Dropbox folder, and use a service like Site 44, Kissr, or Paper Plane, to get it live on the web.

    If you want to host your site yourself, publish to a location of your choice, and use an FTP client to transfer all the files to your server. Any web host can host the web sites I publish, since it is only HTML, CSS and Javascript files. In case you need one, Silex Labs foundation recommands these hosting companies:

    • Ouvaton and Toile libre, french non profit organizations with a "pay what you can" policy.
    • Arvixe which support Silex development since 2010.

    Advanced users.

    If you have instaleld Silex (the website editor, not your site) on your own server, you can publish to www/ so that your site will be available directly here.

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