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Powerful features
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What makes Silex website builder
the best choice for you?

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Every day, people worldwide use Silex to take control of their online presence.

Silex has all the features makers and designers can expect

This is altogether a modern website builder, a no-code tool and an open source project

Mobile Friendly

Look amazing on every screen with a customisable mobile-friendly version of your website. Learn more about mobile friendly VS responsive websites.

Industry-Leading SEO

Follow your own personalised SEO plan to get your website found on Google. No restrictions, Silex simply make it easy for you to add meta data, og: tags for the social nets, alt attributes for search engines etc.

Publish you website

Hit "publish" when you are ready and get your site hosted for free on Github pages, Netlify, and on any FTP hosting: GoDaddy, Ionos (1&1), Bluehost, OVH, Gandi ...

Live web creation

When you change something in Silex, you see the result immediately. Iterating on design is much easier.

External dynamic content

Copy paste the embed code of your favorite services such as YouTube, SoundCloud, Twitter, etc.


Use Silex form component and plug it to Formspree, Netlify forms, serverless forms or embed Google forms, Frama Forms, etc.

Own your data

While editing your site on silex.me your files are on your hard drive, available to Silex through a cloud service you trust or own: FTP, Cozycloud, Owncloud (webdav), Dropbox, Github and more.

Do not lock
yourself in

We did not create concepts or jargon, we use those from the open web standards. What you learn here will be useful to you, everywhere.

Learn the standards

Only common settings are available in the visual editor. When you need more, Silex helps you write CSS without leaving the editor and with immediate feedback.


The wiki is here to guide you, it is editable by everyone and you can always ask for help in the forums.

Work Online

Build websites from within the browser, no install required, never lose your data, collaborate, work instantly from any computer.

Work offline

With the desktop app you can keep your data to yourself and see exactly what Silex does. There is no installation, just launch the app on your computer.

Silex for professionals

Freelancers, agencies, hosting companies, Silex is the best at being customized, white labeled and integrated to your infrastructure

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Silex is free and open source because free minds need to have free tools