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Featured websites powered by Silex

Top 10 websites by the community of designers, makers and no-coders

Here is a small selection of recent websites powered by Silex

Non profit organization website

Silex Labs non profit organization website is powered by Silex (the Stastic fork, listed in Silex community instances , Jekyll, forestry.io, github pages

The design was initially made by Léo Francia (@Stuff31)

The website content includes hundreds of blog posts since 2009 which were imported from WordPress

Marketing website for a famous agency

Powered by Silex v3, 11ty static site generator, Directus, netlify hosting & forms, github, hubspot integration.

Google page insights score: 82% on mobile, 99% on desktop.

Multilingual website for inbound marketing

The french organization Surfrider has released their new marketing website

It has been created together with INTERNET 2000 web agency. It runs with JAMstack tools: Silex to edit the design, Directus for marketers to edit the content and structure, Eleventy (11ty) and github to glue everything together and Netlify for the hosting and forms A pixel perfect clone from the design to the features has been made possible thanks to Silex

Here is a website powered by Silex. It is multilingual and seo optimized (very good page rank). It is plugged in jekyll and sitelaf through github pages.

Razzledazzle rock band website

We are a new "rock band" and silex.me was an easy and very good tool to develop and maintain (with github) our modern and designed web site.

Youtube videos and Soundcloud musics were easily embed in our web site :-)

Hi all, here is a link to the site I built with Silex for the band I belong to.

Here is a website I did with Silex website builder

Made use of only the standard Silex features, didn't use any widgets. Silex is a wonderful tool to easily and quickly create a relatively simple website.

Here is very simple and efficient "landing page" I did in 3 hours from a blank page, as a marketing tool to test my business idea.

It is made with Silex website builder, it uses these "widgets": SimpleShareButtons, Formspree. It has a big call to action and it is responsive as you can see here.

It is hosted for free on gihub, you can see the website files here.

This beautiful website displays the pictures of Georges Leroux which are hosted for free on Flickr. Each page of the Silex website loads the pictures from the album with the same name on Flickr, so that Georges can administrate his website with the tool he knows best, Flickr.

On the home page, the pictures are full quality and very large. In the internal pages, they are displayed in a list, and made bigger when the user clicks on a picture.

This website is the official website of the Cloud Explorer project. We developed this great file browser with @zabojad and @lexoyo as a free software. It is used in Silex, Responsize and Backnode so that the users can open and save files to and from several file services, such as Dropbox and FTP.

It targets web developers who work on web applications.

Silex for professionals

Freelancers, agencies, hosting companies, Silex is the best at being customized, white labeled and integrated to your infrastructure

More about freedom

Silex is free and open source because free minds need to have free tools

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Silex is free and open source because free minds need to have free tools