WARNING: Support for Silex v2 has stopped.
Try Silex v3 alpha, Read about it,
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Take full control
over your web presence

DIY & No Code style!

From a very Fast Landing Page
to an Efficient Marketing Website

Step by step process to create a free website with Silex


Customize anything on your site, you can add text, images, videos & more...
No code is the next thing.


When you are ready, publish your website Silex integrates with professional hosting providers offering free plans including your own domain name without ads.

Total Design Freedom, DIY!

Create any custom design, or clone one, pixel perfect.
Elements are absolutely positioned to make it feel natural.
Use the mobile editor to design the mobile version too.

Be Online, Be Fast!

Due to its static nature, your website will be very fast to load.
The Page Speed Insight score of a Silex site is at least 90%
on desktop as well as on mobile.

Hacking Without Limits

Code from within the editor, with immediate feedback.
Add any front end feature. Plug into any third party API.
If a feature is missing, we will help you learn how to
use HTML, CSS, Javascript from within Silex.

The Static Nature of Your
Drag and Drop Editor

Silex is extremely simple yet powerful: no databases, no template language, no plugins.
This means no security issues, no "important" updates.

Get started

Open Silex in a browser, or install the app on your computer,
choose a free template or start with a blank page

Silex for professionals

Freelancers, agencies, hosting companies, Silex is the best at being customized, white labeled and integrated to your infrastructure

More about freedom

Silex is free and open source because free minds need to have free tools

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Silex is free and open source because free minds need to have free tools